Calgary companies urged to Boost Data Disaster Recovery Plans

With the recent confirmed and published cyber attacks waged on several institutions such as hospitals and business organizations Calgary businesses have been urged to up their security and even have a solid data recovery plan. There are ways to do all this, many have been formulated with defense from the many ransomware attacks of last few months. We sat with some security engineers who revealed the many ways to make a business more hard-skinned to these attacks and so much more. It should be noted that this news is not limited to companies only, there has been individuals targeted and as such applying any of the methods will be to your advantage.

Our managed IT services providers Calgary can be completely customized to ensure your business maintains a dynamic presence through your IT infrastructure. Let your management and IT team breathe easy without the hassle of day-to-day maintenance of complex systems required to keep a modern-day enterprise running smoothly. Furthermore, our IT support and 24/7/365 monitoring services detect problems before they occur, ensuring that your business never experiences loss due to downtime.

A lot of computers are recorded to be running on bare bone security measures, most which are not enough to recover from the attacks should they happen at worst scenario. Regulators have been pressing against company policies to include data recovery. Calgary data recovery centers in the form of managed service providers are one starting point to getting such policies included in any type of company.

The important part everyone usually overlooks when talking about security, is data restoration points. Calgary data recovery experts have always been known to implement automated restore points saving for companies to start from should they fail to an attack. As expected, these points have all the required data to act as though the attack never happened. They can also be used as comparison points to test what went wrong during the attack, making security threats more noticeable to security engineers.

The organizations recently attacked have shown the world a need for an emergency running state for business. Ransomware can lock a user’s computer for days on end, even weeks before eventually buckling away. Risk assessment activities are said to be the best way for a company to be reflex-ready when any external or internal threat activates. Most specialists in the risk assessment and aversion line of work will have recovery in their mind, one thing that should be practiced regularly.

Now, some of the activities above may have been already been done and set in place, kudos to a business that has this in order. However, there is a constant need to revise these strategies and update them to the same level of threats that we are exposed to. Long back, when some companies most likely set these strategies in place, the biggest threat was possibly getting data stolen or hardware damage – which all get dwarfed to the crippling cyber attacks prevalent nowadays.

We read that the technologies being used against us are getting more advanced with each passing day, which should be a clear warning directed at everyone – we are all victims, and we must stay ready. The least anyone can do is have up to date software scanning their files for harmful changes before they are asked to let go of thousands of dollars just to use their computers again.