Let us start by understanding the term measurements and metrics as used in healthcare. Measurement as you know is the action of grading something. The main goal of healthcare providers is to provide high and quality care to their patients. They measure their performance to know how well an organization has accomplished its goal. Performance measurement is done by collecting data and assessing whether the correct processes are being performed and whether the desired results are being achieved.

On the other hand by metrics we mean the parameters of quantitative assessment used by healthcare advertising Toronto to track performance. Examples of metrics that are used to measure or categorize success are, website visits, number of new contacts and revenue gain and losses.

However, in healthcare industry success looks different. In healthcare industry the main goal is gaining and keeping new patients. There are some basic metrics that you should analyze regularly if you are in a healthcare industry, mostly the health care marketers.

Patient acquisition cost

This is basically looking at how much it will cost you to gain a new patient.

Patient retention

You not only need to gain new patients to be successful in healthcare industry, you also need to retain the old patients. This is because the old patients can recommend others to you. You calculate the retention rates by looking at how many existing customers you have and how main you have lost and gained over a period of time.

Customer service response

Customer service can either destroy your image or build it. This is so because patients care about how they are treated and how they are treated once they step out of your office. Do you remind them of their appointments, do you follow-up on them and are you able to respond to their questions in time?


By measuring engagement by either looking at the social media or looking at a checklist or email you will be in a position to tell if a person will soon become a customer.

Other metrics include effectiveness of premium content, search engine rankings and overall campaign evaluation.

Healthcare marketing is carried out by large associations, hospitals and clinics. It primarily focus on preventive medicine and good physical or mental health. The health care marketers make advancements in medicine and health-protecting services like insurances widely known. The healthcare marketers are making progress on measurement and metrics. The healthcare marketers’ measurement is top of mind. Why is this so? Because marketing is considered as a cost center and not profit center. Marketers are also disconnected from strategy and product management.

To help the organization in the health care industry quantify the effects of their marketing campaigns, the society for health care strategy and marketing development formed marketing metrics committee to help establish a standard framework and metrics for measuring healthcare marketers’ contribution. The committee came up with four areas that they said marketing plays role. They included; growth, brand and image, stake holder engagement and marketing communications.