IT Outsourcing Edmonton

Almost every business that is on budget today is considering IT sourcing as the best option when it comes to control all budgets involving IT. With this, you will not need to have employee full time IT team. You might have made a huge IT investment only to realize later that you really do not need much IT support.

This only means that you are definitely overpaying for IT that you really do not need. Or maybe employing a full time IT professional might have proved to be too costly for your business bearing in mind the huge salaries and other allowances and benefits involved. Or maybe you really are not sure of what you need and you need time to monitor your spending and needs before making a decision. Or maybe you have just started your business and you are tight on funds as you await going public and making sales.

If you are faced by any of the listed issues, then definitely IT sourcing is the smartest decision for you to make. It will give you maximum service and at the same time, you have the flexibility to change your mind if need be. This is also a great way to maintain all cost at a level that is manageable while being able to access similar services as bigger industries do at the same time.

IT outsourcing services include:

1. Hardware Installation

Many companies dread installation of new hardware since they are apprehensive about the downtime. Also, employees usually avoid using these tools since they are new to them and don’t know how to operate. However, if done by the right professionals, this does not really have to be a nightmare. You will actually enjoy a hassle free hardware installation. The main hardware installations include desktop and laptop networks, onsite and virtual storage, server or network tools, highly available infrastructure, virtual servers and many more.

2. Server and Network Administration

Although the productivity of your business is sustained by its network, this doesn’t require you to have a fulltime employee to oversee its maintenance. Pay for what you need only by getting an outsourced IT service provider. You will enjoy routine server and desktop maintenance, cloud management, daily monitoring of backup and full time monitoring of your network and servers.

3. Hardware Maintenance

Hardware maintenance should be done regularly and you do not have to wait until the situation gets out of hand. This will also enable your service provider to accurately tell you what your needs are and be able to implement them all properly and on time. A good IT managed service provider  will keep track of the lifecycle and usage of your hardware, enabling you to forecast your future needs, what you do not need and the best way to save your money.

4. Disaster Recovery

IT outsourcing will also sought out all your emergency needs as humanly and as fast as possible. It is important to identify an IT provider early in advance before disaster strikes in. they will put a cloud plan and backup in place. Therefore, all your valuable assets will be stored online, when they can be accessed at any time in case your onsite resources fail.