About Us

We are a time conscious news publishing organization, that responds to the occurrence of newsworthy content with all the iterative steps that result in our readers being the first to read as much detail as possible about everything they like.

We started out with the sole intention of distributing the news we love reading to a like minded audience, time has passed but the idea has never changed. We still filter the content we publish with considerations of whether or not we would actually follow the news to the smallest detail no matter how far it goes or how long that takes.

Being surgical, each article we approve for publishing would have gone under the crazy-strict eyes of our editorial teams and seen as worth sending out to all the continents. Our readers come from a very diverse plate of opinion and sophistication, that too can be extracted from the content that gets them talking.

We are very active on the social media scene, where you can access all the news articles we publish and have a better seat to the show that is comments from every angle that a single piece of work can handle. It is always a challenge, and honestly we wouldn’t do it if it was simpler.

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